Kaptain (Stephen Kaplan) is a 27 year old electronic music producer, musician, and performer living in Denver, Colorado.

His style can be described as a blend of electronic, bass music, classic/psychedelic rock, and funk. He blends live instruments like guitar, keyboard, and analog synthesizers with vinyl samples and electronic production to create a beat-driven, yet emotive brand of dance music. Kaptain’s live show is a high-energy blend of keyboard/synthesizer performance and DJ set, and often includes a guitarist. Kaptain has played a number of shows across the country, most notably as support for Lettuce, Break Science,The Funk Hunters, Big Wild, and Late Night Radio.

Kaptain has released several EPs and singles, the most recent being “The Practice of Letting Go”. He has produced remixes for the likes of Greek-psychedelic rock band Naxatras, Wet Paint, Willdabeast of Michal Menert's Super Best Records, and Autolaser. He has collaborated with Greg Ellis, "The Lazer Shark", the visual and lighting director for Pretty Lights, on an audio-visual project.