Kaptain, otherwise known as Stephen Kaplan, currently lives and makes music in the historical Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, California at the ripe age of 24 years old. His musical career began at the age of 6, when he took his first piano lesson in his hometown of South Brunswick, New Jersey. This began a seemingly endless streak of picking up new instruments. He picked up a viola at the age of 8, drum sticks at the age of 9, and also learned to sing. He continued to study each of these instruments throughout his entire childhood, trying out every style of music he found along the way. He played in orchestras, jazz quartets, and bands. 

As the first chapter of his musical life reached its end, he received an acceptance letter from the University of California - Berkeley. He answered the call of the west coast and moved to the Bay Area to study Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Berkeley. It was there that he fell in love with electronic music, and realized that the best way to continue his passion for music and still pursue a degree in engineering, was to start making beats on his computer in the free time that he had between class. His initial musical project was influenced by the Moombahton craze of the early 2010's. It was at Berkeley where he also experimenting with new ways of thinking, interacting with others, and perceiving the world around him, which later began to seep into his music, and led to a total revamp of his musical style, which was marked by his instant classic, 'Future Back' in May of 2014, followed later that year by the rest of Cosmic Groove EP. In early 2016, he released When The Sky Shimmers EP, featuring songs like "Never Will" and "Testament".

He has produced remixes for the likes of Wet Paint, Willdabeast of Michal Menert's Super Best Records, and Autolaser. He most recently collaborated with Greg Ellis, "The Lazer Shark", the visual and lighting director for Pretty Lights, on an audio-visual project.

Today, Kaptain works as an Engineer by day, but uses much of his time off to record and produce his brand of electronic music. Influenced by the spirit of those who lived and made music in his neighborhood before him, Kaptain mixes live instruments with analog and digital synthesis, and merges psychedelic rock, funk, and electronic sounds to deliver a new musical experience.

What's next for Kaptain? He continues to develop his sound, write new music, and work on a live musical performance to be toured in the near future.